Food For Thought…

So this is my first blog that will relate to the central topic I will be blogging about for the next several weeks; food. I am a person who takes pride in being healthy and fit. That being said, I do not think that every meal must be a healthy meal or everyday should be a day to workout. More times than not I believe you should do these things, eat healthy/workout, but even i enjoy a big greasy burger or a handful of chocolate every once in a while. I will talk about specific meals and specific workouts that I do on my own and  how they benefit or not benefit my healthy lifestyle.

Yesterday I started out my day with a Special K breakfast meal bar, a banana, and a cup of coffee. This is not exactly a well balanced meal, but it wasn’t bad for me by any means; especially since I drink my coffee black with a hint of Splenda. By drinking my coffee that way, I stay away from fattening creamer or taking in more calories with real sugar. For lunch I had lunch in my school cafeteria. This is where I have a hard time eating well because there are so many temptations for unhealthy food choices in there. Yesterday though, I had it a little easier. I had a wrap. The only things in my wrap were chicken, lettuce, shredded White American Cheese, and honey mustard all on rye with lemon water. This was a good choice because it filled me up and was a healthy choice. In order to drink something with a little flavor and still avoid taking in calories, I always have flavored water, it'[s a nice way to add a little something something to a drink that would otherwise be bland. For dinner, I had a Chick-fil-a 8-piece nugget and a fry. This was probably not the best choice in food, but since I ate fairly well the rest of the day, I did not feel too bad about it. It is okay to eat unhealthy every once in a while just as long as you know how to eat in moderation and you know your limits. I went bowling last night also, so even though I did not workout, I did a form of physical activity.


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