What About Coffee?

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks to have. I drink it every morning, and have since I was in the ninth grade. My dad always told me that it would stunt my growth and I would not be as tall as the doctor once told me I would be. My mom has always said that it would regulate I bowel movements. Now I drink my coffee black with a hint of Splenda in it. I am not in to all of those fancy coffee drinks with all the flavor and cream and sugar. I have to really be in the mood for something sweet to drink one of those. So, I decide I would look up some facts about coffee to figure these things out for myself.

I looked on the Discovery Health website to find some answers. This website provided me with the information that most people believe that if you start drinking coffee at a young age, you will not grow and develop entirely. This has proven to be an old wives tale though. Next for my mom’s theory, I went to another website called the WhyCenter, where there are frequently asked questions on various topics including coffee. This website said that coffee is known to be a powerful stimulate for a condition known as peristalsis. Because of this, coffee is said to prevent constipation. This being said, it can also lead to loose bowel movements which may not be very good either. These things are not effected by whether or not the coffee is caffeinated or decaffeinated. At the end of my search, my dad’s theory ended up being false and my mom’s theory ended up being true…..mom’s seem to always know best.



I have always wondered why some people say that if you are dieting, too much fruit can be bad for you. I decided today that I would research it a little and find out why. One of the main reasons I found for it being bad for you is that too many fruits grown today are much higher in sugar than they are when they’re grown in a natural environment. Even though the sugar found in fruits are natural sugars, too much can cause harm to the body in many ways. One website that lists some of the harmful side effects of too much sugar was very helpful in answering my question about how good they actually are for you. This website has information given from a doctor and is all about Your Health. I hope that by reading this article, you learn just as much valuable information about fruit as i did.

What about seafood?

So I got a little curious this morning when I was thinking about what kind of food topic I would blog about. I love seafood and I just had it the other day, so…. the thought came to my mind….. how healthy really is seafood? I decided I would look it up. I am going to give you some quick/fun facts about different kinds of seafood, and I will most likely provide you with a recipe or two that include seafood. usually people say that the most healthy meat for you to eat would be some sort of seafood, so let’s find out if that’s actually true. One website I found that talks about Good and Bad Seafood said that seafood can be considered a greener food, and that when thinking about meat that more times than not it is the smarter choice, but that all seafood is not created equal.  This website also said that many seafood products can be contaminated pollutants and other toxins and that the labels on seafood can often be misleading. Where your seafood comes from can also play a roll in how good or bad it is for you, so choose wisely and be sure to know the route it took to make it to your plate. Be selective with where you buy your seafood and where you go out to eat it, some looks can be deceiving.

Another website that I visited is one that ha almost any kind of Recipe you could think of, so there were a whole lot of seafood recipes. Y0u will have to  take a look at it yourself to find your favorite recipe, but I am going to talk to you a little bit about one that stood out to me. Now, I am a salmon lover, so just about any salmon recipe I find I am going to enjoy. This particular recipe is for Pepper-Honey Cedar Plank Salmon. How fantastic does that sound? For the sauce, you would want to simmer pineapple juice, soy sauce, honey, and a few other delicious ingredients to add extra good taste to your dinner. This particular salmon is grilled. Now I have had salmon on the grill, on the stove, or from the oven and all preparations sit well on my stomach, but something about grilling just really hits the sweet spot for me. This to me sounds like a great meal to prepare for a nice date. With it, I prefer a little asparagus and some mashed potatoes. I think this would probable be an ideal perfect meal for me. Take a look at the recipes yourself and enjoy creating your ideal meal. Remember: be smart in your seafood selection. In the end it is the greener and smarter choice over chicken or red meat, but don’t believe everything you hear about it.

The Biscuit….

How versatile can the biscuit be? The can be nutritious, or they can be very unhealthy. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They come in all different sizes and flavors. When you think about it, the biscuit is something that just about anyone can enjoy in one way or another. There are so many types of biscuits also. There are rolled biscuits and drop biscuits and more. I have found a really neat website that is called Baking 101. It has different type of biscuits, how to mix biscuit dough, what types of equipment to use in making biscuits, shaping tips for biscuits, and more. Biscuits can also be healthy, even though a roll of dough may seem very fattening. You can make your biscuits organic or gluten free and still enjoy the wonderful taste without feeling bad about it after the fact.

What’s for Breakfast?

I have always thought of breakfast as being the most important meal of the day. I usually can’t wake up and start my day without know I am going to have something for breakfast. Even if I sleep in until almost lunch time, I have to have breakfast food as my first meal of the day. This being said, i wanted to give you guys a few helpful tips/ideas about breakfast.

According to one website I looked at about Nutrition and Healthy Eating, there are many benefits of eating a healthy breakfast that so few people actually know about. There are different benefits for adults and for children and on this website, it breaks down both. It also gives you a list of the basics of a healthy breakfast. I found this website very helpful and enjoyed reading the interesting information. Take a look at the website and I hope it helps you enjoy breakfast just as much as I do.

Just a thought…..

Today when I sat down to write my blog, as I was thinking about what kind of food I wanted to talk about or what kind of helpful food tips I wanted to give. Strangely enough, the only thing that would come to my brain was flowers…weird I know. I decided I would research to see if I could find any edible flowers or recipes that included flowers in the cooking process or anything. To my surprise, I found that many different kinds of flowers are tasty and great additions to meals. One website talked about Edible Flowers Tips and Hints. This website was helpful with helping to determine the taste certain flowers had of other food they went well with.

Having the sweet tooth that I do, I continued to look for recipes that were forms of dessert that include a type of flower. A recipe for Rose Almond Jumbles caught my attention when looking through a list of flowery recipes. Since roses generally have a sweet flavor and go well on salads or in desserts, I felt like I couldn’t go wrong with a dessert that included them. Check out the recipe and give it a try. Let me know what you think and I hope this sparks your interest to look further into recipes with flowers and explore the many options they have to offer.

Valentine’s Day :)

Love is in the air. Today is Valentine’s Day and more people spend money on food than anything else the buy for the whole day. I am here to help you plan a tasty and healthy Valentine’s Day meal. Making dinner for your significant other shows that you put more thought into you day than just going out to dinner and spending much more money.  How about a romantic dinner for two with an appetizer and dessert? I have found a healthy meal for you and your love to enjoy. Savory broiled Oysters, sauteed watercress and radicchio with balsamic vinegar, filet mignon with caraway cilantro compound butter, and celery root and parsnip puree makes a delightful meal that is sure to impress and will be healthy and much cheaper made at home rather than being ordered in a restaurant. The recipe for this meal and the dessert to follow can be found on KitchenDaily.com. Now for the sure to impress dessert, how about some chocolate fondue. This is always a great choice when trying to stay healthy because fruit tastes so wonderful dipped into the warm, creamy chocolate. That doesn’t mean that fruit is the only thing you can use for your dippers. Pound cake, marshmallows, rice crispy treats, and cheesecake are a few more favorites for the chocolate fondue…I was just trying to stay healthy with the fruit. 🙂 Enjoy your dinner in, I’m sure it will impress your significant other and will extremely tasty.


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