Food today….

I must say that today, I have not been eating well but I know that it wont really effect me in the long run just as long as it is not a regular thing and as long as I am sure to get in some sort of physical activity in. Last night, I went to the gym on campus with a friend of mine and decided to get a good workout in. She and I ran on the elliptical for about 30 minutes and which was equivalent to a little over 3 and a half miles. I felt pretty good about myself after that one because let me tell you, running on the elliptical is much harder than running on a treadmill, which is what we normally do when we go workout. When we were done though, she and i both decided that we would push each other a little further in an ab workout. I’m not so sure now if that was the best idea at the time. We did a medicine ball ab circuit and I have never felt more out of shape then i during that workout. Today, I am regretting that workout last night very much. My abs are so sore that it hurts to move in certain directions, I have been struggling. So….this being said, I decided that a little unhealthy eating after my hard work last night would not kill me, especially since I have cheerleading practice and another workout tonight.  This morning for breakfast, I had a nice large cup of coffee and my favorite childhood breakfast: strawberry Toaster Strudels. After that I had two cups of Diet Coke during my down time today. For lunch, I had a piece of grilled chicken and some grilled broccoli. This sounds all well and good and healthy, but i was still hungry after. Yes, this means I did spoil that good meal with some more unhealthy eating. i went back up tot he line and got a grilled cheese and a cinnamon rice crispy treat. It tasted so good and to be honest, i don’t regret it one bit. Tonight I am going to most likely burn it all off anyways. So like I said in the last blog, it is okay to eat a little unhealthy every once in a while, just as long as you are able to have self control and know how to even it out with other meals and exercise.

Fun fact of the day:  It takes the food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach. 🙂


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