Under the Weather :(

Its been a few days since I have done the whole blogging thing, but I’m going to try to get back on track. This is because today was day three of an annoying sickness that has come my way. The point behind me telling you this is because my blogs are supposed to be about eating healthy and being healthy… things I definitely haven’t been for the past few days. Through my days of sickness, I have been lucky to get one full meal in a day. I have had a sore throat, runny nose, upset stomach, and a consistent headache since Friday, just to give you an idea of what my symptoms are. Being a full time cheerleader I have had to take part in some physical activity but I was unable to put 100% into it. All of this being said, I wanted to give you guys a few helpful tips on what you can eat or drink while you are feeling under the weather.

For the upset stomach stay away from all dairy products and dark sodas; stick with the clear liquids like Sprite or 7up only. Try to fill your body up with all the Vitamin C your body needs daily, this will help your body recover faster. Stay away from spicy foods and if you are going to have soup, stick with chicken noodle only. Try to take warm showers to open up your sinuses and if you have a Warm Steam Vaporizer that is helpful also (not a cold humidifier).

Fun fact of the day: The bright orange color of carrots tell you they’re an excellent source of Vitamin A which is important for good eyesight, especially at night. Vitamin A helps your body fight infection, and keeps your skin and hair healthy.


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