Valentine’s Day :)

Love is in the air. Today is Valentine’s Day and more people spend money on food than anything else the buy for the whole day. I am here to help you plan a tasty and healthy Valentine’s Day meal. Making dinner for your significant other shows that you put more thought into you day than just going out to dinner and spending much more money.  How about a romantic dinner for two with an appetizer and dessert? I have found a healthy meal for you and your love to enjoy. Savory broiled Oysters, sauteed watercress and radicchio with balsamic vinegar, filet mignon with caraway cilantro compound butter, and celery root and parsnip puree makes a delightful meal that is sure to impress and will be healthy and much cheaper made at home rather than being ordered in a restaurant. The recipe for this meal and the dessert to follow can be found on Now for the sure to impress dessert, how about some chocolate fondue. This is always a great choice when trying to stay healthy because fruit tastes so wonderful dipped into the warm, creamy chocolate. That doesn’t mean that fruit is the only thing you can use for your dippers. Pound cake, marshmallows, rice crispy treats, and cheesecake are a few more favorites for the chocolate fondue…I was just trying to stay healthy with the fruit. 🙂 Enjoy your dinner in, I’m sure it will impress your significant other and will extremely tasty.



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