What About Coffee?

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks to have. I drink it every morning, and have since I was in the ninth grade. My dad always told me that it would stunt my growth and I would not be as tall as the doctor once told me I would be. My mom has always said that it would regulate I bowel movements. Now I drink my coffee black with a hint of Splenda in it. I am not in to all of those fancy coffee drinks with all the flavor and cream and sugar. I have to really be in the mood for something sweet to drink one of those. So, I decide I would look up some facts about coffee to figure these things out for myself.

I looked on the Discovery Health website to find some answers. This website provided me with the information that most people believe that if you start drinking coffee at a young age, you will not grow and develop entirely. This has proven to be an old wives tale though. Next for my mom’s theory, I went to another website called the WhyCenter, where there are frequently asked questions on various topics including coffee. This website said that coffee is known to be a powerful stimulate for a condition known as peristalsis. Because of this, coffee is said to prevent constipation. This being said, it can also lead to loose bowel movements which may not be very good either. These things are not effected by whether or not the coffee is caffeinated or decaffeinated. At the end of my search, my dad’s theory ended up being false and my mom’s theory ended up being true…..mom’s seem to always know best.


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