Hot Sauce!!!

Today in the Caf I put hot sauce on my eggs and grits for breakfast, it was then that I realized that hot sauce can compliment the flavor of many different foods at all meals of the day…breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of the foods I love putting hot sauce on include, eggs, grits, chicken breast, wraps and sandwiches, pizza, pasta and buffalo wings! My favorite brand of hot sauce would be Franks RedHot because cayenne pepper base, the Caf carries Texas Pete which I like as well just not as much. Putting hot sauce on the foods you eat can be beneficial to you, other than just tasting delicious and complimenting many different foods, it can also help you speed up your metabolism. Since hot and spicy foods increase your metabolism adding hot sauce to any meal of the day is and easy and great tasting way to help out your body. Also, since hot and spicy foods are know to go “right through” you it can also help you stay regular…if you know what I mean. Therefore, hot sauce not only tastes great it is also good for you.



Today I am  going to blog about pretzels. Usually people say that they’re a pretty healthy snack, but I wanted to look into it and see if that is actually a true statement. When looking for a snack during the day, pretzels out weigh potato chips any day of the week. After reading about Pretzels As a Healthy Snack, They are the much healthier choice, and some don’t even realize it. Also, if you make the pretzels on your own, you can add some nutritional value to them. You can add whole wheat flour, garlic and other ingredients that make them better for you. When choosing an afternoon snack, pretzels are always the way to go over potato chips.


Are soda’s really that bad for you? Are diet soda’s better for you than regular soda’s? I wanted to take a look and find out the truth behind these questions. Turns out, there is really no benefit in drinking a soda other than getting the good taste. I went to this website called hubpages and picked up some quick facts about why drinking sodas is not good for you. Sodas are not a good source of fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, or iron. When you drink a soda, you are consuming a large amount of sugars, carbonation, and caffeine. So, the key to drinking sodas is having them in moderation, that is the key to having anything bad for you. If you can learn how to limit yourself, you will still get the satisfaction you get from the taste, but you will be a lot better off. Take a look at this website and you can find out more about the ingredients in sodas and how and when you should drink them.

Bock Bock – Chicken!

Is chicken really good for you? I have always been told that if I am going to eat meant to get protein out of my meal, that chicken is the way to go. I wanted to look in to this to find out if what I have been told is actually true. So, I went online to a website called the Body Ecology Diet.  It talks about thing you need to know when you prepare chicken as a part of your meal. It told me that chicken is an excellent source of what is known as lean protein and is eaten in many meals by Americans each day. Actually, on average, American consume about 59.2 pounds of chicken a year. I would say that means there are quite a few birds eaten each year. Chicken is the world’s leading source of animal protein for a number of reasons, including: Versatility, Lean Protein, Immunity, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Protection, and Energy.  All of this being said, there are some things that you may want to know about chicken before you head over to the grocery store and buy some to be a part of your dinner plans. Not everything about chicken is good and beneficial to you. If you want to know more about eating the bird, take a look at this website. I feel like there is a lot of great information in this article that may help you understand and become aware of all there is to know about chicken before you cook it or eat it.


So I had the best smoothie today that I have had in a long time. I don’t know if it was because i was craving one or because it was a fairly warm day and it was nice, cool, and refreshing. I love smoothies and they taste so good that I feel as if I am guilty for drinking it. I certainly don’t though because I like my smoothies made with real fruit and when they’re made that way, they’re not a bad drink to have. I wanted to look up my favorite kind of smoothie, strawberry banana, from a few different smoothie makers and let you guys know where you can get great tasting smoothies that are really good for you. Since I am in North Carolina, I decided to narrow my search down for places found in North Carolina, even if the are part of a chain in other states.

The first place I searched is called Orange Julius. There happens to be an Orange Julius only seven and a half miles from our campus and it is located in Shelby on S Dekalb St. The Next place I searched for is Smoothie King. To get to a Smoothie King your are going to have to drive a little bit farther as there are many locations within fifty miles of campus, the closest being forty-one miles away on Rivergate Parkway in Charlotte. If you ask me it can be worth the drive because Smoothie King has my favorite smoothies. The last place I searched was Planet Smoothie. Just like Smoothie King you will have to travel a bit to get to a Planet Smoothie as it has three locations within fifty miles and the closes being forty-six and a half miles on Tryon Street in Charlotte.


So the other day I went into McDonald’s for breakfast and I ordered a nonfat latte. As I was sitting there eating my meal I wondered to myself if that coffee I was drinking was just as bad for me as my sausage McMuffin and hash brown. When I got back to my apartment later that day I got online to look up some nutritional facts about my nonfat latte to see how bad it was for me. To my surprise my small nonfat latte was actually good for me! In its 12 ounces it contained as much calcium and protein as I would have gotten from a glass of milk, while adding only 90 calories and no fat!

Chex Mix…

Today I went to the store looking for some snacks to bring on my bus trip to Charlottesville, VA for the woman’s first round of the basketball tournament. In pursuit of finding snacks I came across a jumbo bag of cocoa Chex Mix and it made my day, and for a bonus it contained 70% less fat than other Chex Mix. This great find added to my collection of other Chex Mix’s that contained less fat, I have a Honey Nut version that contains 60% less fat and a Turtle version that contains 50% less fat. I love being able to eat snacks throughout the day and not feel guilty about what I eat and with these Chex Mix’s I can feel good about what I am snacking on. Also, the cocoa version is perfect for when I have a craving for chocolate cause I can get my chocolate fix and not feel bad about it.

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