How ’bout a pizza…

Last night for dinner I had a personal pizza from the Simply to Go at my school. Usually when I do in there I try to ask if I can special order a pizza without any sauce. If I absolutely have to, I will eat it with sauce, but I am not a fan of tomatoes or any kind of sauce or food that is made with them. This particular night, I was unable to special order my pizza and I had to eat it with sauce. This pizza eating experience prompted me to blog about pizza this morning. Can pizza be healthy and good for you or is all greasy and fattening? This is the question I decided to research today.

I went to a website called Straight Health. There I found that the healthiness behind the pizza lies within the way it’s prepared. It’s true that pizza does cover all of the major food groups. Although this it true, it can still be very unhealthy for you. In order to make it healthy, be sure to include fresh produce and meat that is low in sodium. Avoid peperoni because it is high in salt and fat which decreases the healthiness of your pizza. To have a healthy pizza try a new healthy pizza recipe.



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