Pop, Pop, Popcorn…

I recently read a study about popcorn and the best tasting microwavable popcorn found in supermarkets nationwide. Popcorn is known as the health nut’s snack food because you can eat four cups of it for about 120 calories and it is packed with fiber. For this study they took a variety of reduced-fat popcorn and did a blind taste test for the best flavor. Some of these popcorn’s were simply salted, others were dressed with a low-fat butter, and some were “naked” meaning the only ingredient was the popcorn. The results showed that Jolly Time Healthy Pop Crispy White was the best tasting and also good for you. In five cups of popped popcorn it only contained 100 calories and it is made from 100% whole grain popcorn. Coming in second place was Newman’s Own Organics Unsalted and that is just 100% organic popcorn with only 100 calories for four cups of popcorn. The third best tasting popcorn was found to be Smart Balance Smart n’ Healthy Deluxe Microwave Popcorn. This brand of popcorn had a natural oil blend, salt and some natural and artificial flavors. This popcorn contained 110 calories in four cups of popcorn. I love popcorn and its great to know that I can eat a good amount of it for a snack and not feel guilty about eating it because it can be healthy for me.



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