The topic is EGGS….

How do you like your eggs? Over easy, scrambled, fried, egg whites…. there are so many egg possibilities. I can eat my eggs just about any way there is, but I would say my favorite is probably over easy with some pepper and hot sauce. That may not be the most healthy choice, so i don’t eat them terribly often, but I like it the best out of any other way. I am blogging about eggs today though to let you know what the healthy option is when ordering your eggs. We all know that they provide protein, so we don’t want to rule them out of our everyday breakfast, but we just need to know how to eat them in the best way possible for our bodies.

The news station MSNBC did a little story on how to buy good eggs when you are wanting to take them home and make them yourself. This story informs you How to Buy the Healthiest Eggs. Not too long ago, there was a recall on many eggs, so they wanted to help you out a little bit with your proper egg selection. They came up with eggs from pastured hens that were in natural environments were the best for you.

Take a look at this website and know how to properly pick out your eggs. Just know that not all eggs are the healthiest addition to your daily breakfast routine.


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