Chex Mix…

Today I went to the store looking for some snacks to bring on my bus trip to Charlottesville, VA for the woman’s first round of the basketball tournament. In pursuit of finding snacks I came across a jumbo bag of cocoa Chex Mix and it made my day, and for a bonus it contained 70% less fat than other Chex Mix. This great find added to my collection of other Chex Mix’s that contained less fat, I have a Honey Nut version that contains 60% less fat and a Turtle version that contains 50% less fat. I love being able to eat snacks throughout the day and not feel guilty about what I eat and with these Chex Mix’s I can feel good about what I am snacking on. Also, the cocoa version is perfect for when I have a craving for chocolate cause I can get my chocolate fix and not feel bad about it.


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