So I had the best smoothie today that I have had in a long time. I don’t know if it was because i was craving one or because it was a fairly warm day and it was nice, cool, and refreshing. I love smoothies and they taste so good that I feel as if I am guilty for drinking it. I certainly don’t though because I like my smoothies made with real fruit and when they’re made that way, they’re not a bad drink to have. I wanted to look up my favorite kind of smoothie, strawberry banana, from a few different smoothie makers and let you guys know where you can get great tasting smoothies that are really good for you. Since I am in North Carolina, I decided to narrow my search down for places found in North Carolina, even if the are part of a chain in other states.

The first place I searched is called Orange Julius. There happens to be an Orange Julius only seven and a half miles from our campus and it is located in Shelby on S Dekalb St. The Next place I searched for is Smoothie King. To get to a Smoothie King your are going to have to drive a little bit farther as there are many locations within fifty miles of campus, the closest being forty-one miles away on Rivergate Parkway in Charlotte. If you ask me it can be worth the drive because Smoothie King has my favorite smoothies. The last place I searched was Planet Smoothie. Just like Smoothie King you will have to travel a bit to get to a Planet Smoothie as it has three locations within fifty miles and the closes being forty-six and a half miles on Tryon Street in Charlotte.


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