Bock Bock – Chicken!

Is chicken really good for you? I have always been told that if I am going to eat meant to get protein out of my meal, that chicken is the way to go. I wanted to look in to this to find out if what I have been told is actually true. So, I went online to a website called the Body Ecology Diet.  It talks about thing you need to know when you prepare chicken as a part of your meal. It told me that chicken is an excellent source of what is known as lean protein and is eaten in many meals by Americans each day. Actually, on average, American consume about 59.2 pounds of chicken a year. I would say that means there are quite a few birds eaten each year. Chicken is the world’s leading source of animal protein for a number of reasons, including: Versatility, Lean Protein, Immunity, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Protection, and Energy.  All of this being said, there are some things that you may want to know about chicken before you head over to the grocery store and buy some to be a part of your dinner plans. Not everything about chicken is good and beneficial to you. If you want to know more about eating the bird, take a look at this website. I feel like there is a lot of great information in this article that may help you understand and become aware of all there is to know about chicken before you cook it or eat it.


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