Are soda’s really that bad for you? Are diet soda’s better for you than regular soda’s? I wanted to take a look and find out the truth behind these questions. Turns out, there is really no benefit in drinking a soda other than getting the good taste. I went to this website called hubpages and picked up some quick facts about why drinking sodas is not good for you. Sodas are not a good source of fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, or iron. When you drink a soda, you are consuming a large amount of sugars, carbonation, and caffeine. So, the key to drinking sodas is having them in moderation, that is the key to having anything bad for you. If you can learn how to limit yourself, you will still get the satisfaction you get from the taste, but you will be a lot better off. Take a look at this website and you can find out more about the ingredients in sodas and how and when you should drink them.


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