Hot Sauce!!!

Today in the Caf I put hot sauce on my eggs and grits for breakfast, it was then that I realized that hot sauce can compliment the flavor of many different foods at all meals of the day…breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of the foods I love putting hot sauce on include, eggs, grits, chicken breast, wraps and sandwiches, pizza, pasta and buffalo wings! My favorite brand of hot sauce would be Franks RedHot because cayenne pepper base, the Caf carries Texas Pete which I like as well just not as much. Putting hot sauce on the foods you eat can be beneficial to you, other than just tasting delicious and complimenting many different foods, it can also help you speed up your metabolism. Since hot and spicy foods increase your metabolism adding hot sauce to any meal of the day is and easy and great tasting way to help out your body. Also, since hot and spicy foods are know to go “right through” you it can also help you stay regular…if you know what I mean. Therefore, hot sauce not only tastes great it is also good for you.


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