Is bacon actually good for you? I am sure there has to be some sort of nutritional value because it tastes so darn good. I know that if you eat a lot of it, it’s not so good for you because it is high in fat, but if you only eat a little bit of it then you can get some protein. According to a website called WebMD about healthy cooking, bacon is not exactly a healthy choice for your everyday diet. This is because more than 60% of the calories in bacon come from fat, which is never really good for you. This can raise your cholesterol level which in turn can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. If you want to enjoy your bacon and have it be a little more healthy, you should resort to turkey bacon which is still pretty tasty.



There are many cereals out there that are not very healthy for you and that are high in sugar. This does not mean you cannot find cereal that can be good for you. They have been an essential part of the human diet ever since the beginning of the existence of agriculture. According to a website called Natural Health Cure, cereal made of whole grains are the best for you. Cereals like lucky charms or like cinnamon toast crunch really have no nutritional value. Cereals like Special K or Honey Bunches of Oats are the cereals that you would like to try and eat if you are going to eat it at all. I love cereal, but I am always trying to pay attention to what kind I buy so that I get some sort of nutritional value out of it.

Pretzel Jello!

So many of you reading this may think this is going to be a weird topic, but pretzel jello is actually a very delicious dessert! Like most of you I had never heard of this until my boyfriends family introduced it to me about two years ago. This dessert is a scrumptious combination of jello, cool whip, and pretzels. There are three layers to it and the bottom layer is mashed up pretzels, butter and sugar all mixed together creating a crust. Then in the middle is a layer of a cool whip and cream cheese and sugar all mixed together, and on the top is strawberry jello with fresh strawberry slices made right into it! You may be thinking to y0urself that it sounds terrible and may be skeptical to trying it but I highly recommend this dessert especially with summer coming up! My boyfriends family has been having this since the 90s and out of everybody they have had try it not one person has disliked it! Now I look forward to special occasions, such as holidays to go over to my boyfriends and know I am going to eat some pretzel jello!

Orange Juice!

Orange juice is a great drink to have with your breakfast in order to get a complete meal. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and provides you with many nutrients to start your day off right. Personally I am not a fan of pulp at all so when I drink orange juice I have to get the one with no pulp. The pulp always gets stuck in my my teeth and I feel like I spend more time trying to get the pulp out of my teeth than actually enjoying my orange juice. My favorite brand of orange juice is Simply Orange because to me it has the freshest taste.

Pasta Salad :)

I ate the most delicious pasta salad last night at Pleasant City in Shelby. It was an oil based pasta salad which I like much more than mayonnaise based and it is also much healthier for you.  My pasta salad contained the pasta, broccoli and some Greek olives all complimenting each other perfectly to create a delicious side dish. The olive oil on the pasta really helped bring out the flavor of the olives creating an explosion of flavor in my mouth in every bite! Another great pasta salad I have had recently was the pasta salad from Costco, which is also oil based.


Pasta is a delicious Italian dish that is also a good source of energy. Although I do not like marinara sauce I still love to eat pasta for lunch or dinner. My favorite dish involving pasta would have to be shrimp scampi, I also enjoy fettuccine alfredo, chicken penne, and spaghetti with a little bit of butter and parmesan cheese! One of the great benefits of eating pasta is its great source of energy, since it has so many carbohydrates it gives you long lasting energy so i love to eat it the night before a game I am cheering for or a competition. Also, if you choose to eat wheat pasta…which I do… my favorite being Barilla, it is even better for you because wheat products contain complex carbohydrates opposed to simple carbohydrates in “white” products, this results in providing more energy and all around healthier for you!

Peanut Butter!

Peanut butter is one of my favorite additions to many different foods. I love it on a sandwich or a bagel or and apple….no matter what I eat it on…I am a happy camper. I wanted to look up the nutritional value behind one of my favorite foods. I believe the nutritional value behind it changes in the brand you eat and whether you eat regular or low fat or if you eat crunchy or smooth. Peanut butter can help reduce the risk of heart disease, increases you vitamin B3 level and, is good for your cholesterol; it is also a good source of protein and dietary fiber. One of the most unique facts about peanut butter is that it helps reduce the risk of cancer. Peanut butter is great for your body just as long as you eat it in small quantities because it can also be high in fat. Hope you learned something interesting about peanut butter!