Pretzel Jello!

So many of you reading this may think this is going to be a weird topic, but pretzel jello is actually a very delicious dessert! Like most of you I had never heard of this until my boyfriends family introduced it to me about two years ago. This dessert is a scrumptious combination of jello, cool whip, and pretzels. There are three layers to it and the bottom layer is mashed up pretzels, butter and sugar all mixed together creating a crust. Then in the middle is a layer of a cool whip and cream cheese and sugar all mixed together, and on the top is strawberry jello with fresh strawberry slices made right into it! You may be thinking to y0urself that it sounds terrible and may be skeptical to trying it but I highly recommend this dessert especially with summer coming up! My boyfriends family has been having this since the 90s and out of everybody they have had try it not one person has disliked it! Now I look forward to special occasions, such as holidays to go over to my boyfriends and know I am going to eat some pretzel jello!


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