Air Heads!

Right now I am eating Air Heads for a snack and they are very delicious. They have so many different flavors to choose from that they never really get old and I could eat them all day if I wanted! When I am at my boyfriend’s baseball games I always bring along some Air Heads because they are very easy to carry to the field and it is an enjoyable snack to eat as well, especially since concession stand food at games is so expensive. It is also kind of fun to play with Air Heads because of their texture and feel, they are very fun to chew on and stretch out or roll up into a ball. I love Air Heads a lot and I will most likely continue to eat them for many more years to come!


Creamy Tomato Soup!

Creamy tomato soup is one of my favorite meals to eat for lunch or dinner. I especially love to eat it with a grilled cheese because I feel like they are the perfect compliment. I also find it a little bit weird that I do like creamy tomato soup because I hate tomato soup, but their is something about that creamy tomato soup that I just love. When I make it for myself I love to add a lot of pepper to add a little bit of spice to it. Since it is now getting close to summer time I don’t eat soup as often, but when it is fall and winter, creamy tomato soup is my go-to for a nice warm meal after a cold day.


This semester the Caf has made an addition of pepperoni to the salad bar and I have taken full advantage of that. I love pepperoni, and I feel like it goes well with a lot of things. So far I have used the pepperoni’s to put on my salad, sandwiches, pizza, and even though it was gross I tried it on some sushi. Pepperoni is a spicy Italian-American version of salami, it is usually made from pork or beef. Pepperoni pizza is also one of my favorite types of pizza and is what I would choose most of the time when I order pizza unless I am ordering a specialty pizza. I feel like pepperoni is a very versatile food because of all the things it can be eaten with and I love it with almost anything!

Crystal Light!

Ever since I was introduced to Crystal Light on the go packets a few years back I have not been able to stop drinking them. They have 33 different flavors and I have tried just about all of them and I can’t say there has been one I have not liked yet. The best part is that they are only 10 calories and zero sugar for 16.9 fluid ounces. I now carry a few packets around with me in my purse so I can always have great flavors with me on the go! One thing I have been experimenting with lately is mixing flavors in one bottle, I will take half from each packet and pour it into my water bottle to create a whole new flavor. Sometimes when I am feeling a little crazy I even combine 3 different flavors into one water bottle! Crystal Light on the go packets are absolutely amazing and i highly recommend them to anybody.


Oranges are some of the best tasting fruits I have ever had. I just love how they are pack with juice and with flavor. I could eat an orange at pretty much every meal of every day. There are so many different types of oranges also that come from all different places over the United States. There are two major types that include the naval and the valencia oranges; but there are also moro, or blood oranges, and cara cara oranges. I found this out by going to, which Sunkist is a company that distributes and sells different kinds of oranges. Sunkist oranges come mainly from California and Arizona, but are available all year long. These particular oranges get their vibrant color due to their growing climate, these oranges are never dyed, like many other oranges. For more information on the individual types of oranges, take a look at the website and you will learn all there is to know about them.

Vitamin Water!!

Vitamin water is healthy choice for switching p what you normally drink for something a little different. It is pretty much like drinking water with a little extra something something in it. There is regular vitamin water and vitamin water zero which is the better options. Like the name obviously states, there are zero calories in this great tasting water and it comes in a variety of flavors so there is something for everyone to enjoy. I went to the official Vitamin Water website. There I was able to find out what kind of vitamins it provides your body. Also, drinking this water with vitamins in it as opposed to drinking plain water, your risk of getting cancer can decrease.


Believe it or not, marshmallows can be one of the best desserts for you to eat. This is because it is made of sugar, water, gelatin and sometimes eggs so basically you will be taking in a lot of sugar but that’s about it, unlike other desserts that are going to have sugar, fat, carbs and a whole lot of other stuff. There are many different ways to eat a marshmallow, you can make S’mores, use them to make rice krispy treats, you can eat it plain, it is sometimes used in ice cream, to top off a perfect cup of hot chocolate, you can toast it over a campfire or even use marshmallow fluff in a fluffenutter sandwich. Marshmallows are a very simple dessert that have been around for a long time and have many different uses.

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