Oranges are some of the best tasting fruits I have ever had. I just love how they are pack with juice and with flavor. I could eat an orange at pretty much every meal of every day. There are so many different types of oranges also that come from all different places over the United States. There are two major types that include the naval and the valencia oranges; but there are also moro, or blood oranges, and cara cara oranges. I found this out by going to, which Sunkist is a company that distributes and sells different kinds of oranges. Sunkist oranges come mainly from California and Arizona, but are available all year long. These particular oranges get their vibrant color due to their growing climate, these oranges are never dyed, like many other oranges. For more information on the individual types of oranges, take a look at the website and you will learn all there is to know about them.


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