Believe it or not, marshmallows can be one of the best desserts for you to eat. This is because it is made of sugar, water, gelatin and sometimes eggs so basically you will be taking in a lot of sugar but that’s about it, unlike other desserts that are going to have sugar, fat, carbs and a whole lot of other stuff. There are many different ways to eat a marshmallow, you can make S’mores, use them to make rice krispy treats, you can eat it plain, it is sometimes used in ice cream, to top off a perfect cup of hot chocolate, you can toast it over a campfire or even use marshmallow fluff in a fluffenutter sandwich. Marshmallows are a very simple dessert that have been around for a long time and have many different uses.


Frosted Mini Wheats.

Right now I am snacking on some Frosted Mini Wheats cereal and they are very delicious. Frosted Mini Wheats are a very versatile because you can eat them for breakfast in milk or pack them up in a bag for a quick and easy snack on the go! Mini Wheats come in a variety of different flavors such as strawberry, blueberry muffin, cinnamon streusel, and maple and brown sugar. These tiny bites pack some nutrition as well, there are eight layers of wheat which helps keep your body healthy as well as a lot of fiber. I highly recommend Frosted Mini Wheats to anybody as a delicious breakfast or a scrumptious snack because they taste great and a nutritious as well.

Cranberry Juice.

I love cranberry juice, it has such a distinct flavor that is different from many other juices and it is great. Cranberry juice also has many different health benefits for the human body. Some people even categorize the cranberry as a superfruit, a fruit with numerous health benefits. Cranberry juice is a good source of polyphenol  antioxidants and phytochemicals, both which help fight against cancer and help the immune system. It can also help prevent a urinary tract infection and kidney stones, neither of which I would ever like to get. One last benefit that I found that many people might not realize is that it reduces dental plaque. The cranberry is also one of the most harvested fruits in the United States so you might want to give it a try sometime!


Cheerios are a very tasty breakfast and also very good for you. They come in many different flavors such as, honey nut, apple cinnamon, multi-grain, frosted, banana nut, berry burst, fruity, yogurt burst and regular. Cheerios have also been proven to help lower your cholesterol which can lead to a healthy heart. I love to eat Cheerios for breakfast because it makes me feel like I am getting my day off to a healthy start which leads to me having a great day.

Sun Chips….

Some of my favorite  chips. Not only do they taste really great, they are some of healthier chips for you also. Sun Chips come in many different flavors so their is an option for everybody. I went to the official Sun Chip website to learn about how healthy they are for you. Sun Chips contain 18 grams of whole grains and according to the FDA, diets rich in whole grains and low in saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease. Sun Chips also contain 30% less fat than regular potato chips and less salt than you may think. There is also two grams of wholesome fiber for good measure. On top of all this great stuff the bag the chips come in is biodegradable so it is good for the environment.


Is bacon actually good for you? I am sure there has to be some sort of nutritional value because it tastes so darn good. I know that if you eat a lot of it, it’s not so good for you because it is high in fat, but if you only eat a little bit of it then you can get some protein. According to a website called WebMD about healthy cooking, bacon is not exactly a healthy choice for your everyday diet. This is because more than 60% of the calories in bacon come from fat, which is never really good for you. This can raise your cholesterol level which in turn can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. If you want to enjoy your bacon and have it be a little more healthy, you should resort to turkey bacon which is still pretty tasty.


There are many cereals out there that are not very healthy for you and that are high in sugar. This does not mean you cannot find cereal that can be good for you. They have been an essential part of the human diet ever since the beginning of the existence of agriculture. According to a website called Natural Health Cure, cereal made of whole grains are the best for you. Cereals like lucky charms or like cinnamon toast crunch really have no nutritional value. Cereals like Special K or Honey Bunches of Oats are the cereals that you would like to try and eat if you are going to eat it at all. I love cereal, but I am always trying to pay attention to what kind I buy so that I get some sort of nutritional value out of it.

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